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K.P.N. Speed Parcel Service is the sister concern of K.P.N Travels India Ltd - India’s most renowned travels organizations operating in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. The three letters KPN have come to be synonymous with luxury bus travel throughout south India, thus making the firm a household name in its area of operations. To understand the firm’s notoriety, it is prudent to realise the company’s rich history.

KPN Travels was founded under the stewardship of it’s creator K.P Natarajan in 1972. K.P Natarajan who hails from an extremely humble farming family had joined the passenger transport industry as a driver for his brother’s bus company in 1968. Realising that he could build his own company he envisaged an organization that could provide a reliable luxury means of transport throughout Tamilnadu. Accordingly, he went on to partner with his brother and start an intercity omni bus company in 1970 only to fail under immense debt. Undeterred, KP Natarajan revived the company individually and founded what is known as KPN in the year 1972. Under his patronage KPN travels came to imbibe it’s core values that stand to this day.

Mr. K.P Natarajan went to huge difficulties in accommodating every need of the customer and bringing about a customer first mindset among the company’s staff. This principle can be singled out as the company’s greatest strength and cause of this immense growth. In addition, KPN Travels has always been well known as the pioneer of many new technologies in the omni bus industry. For instance, KP Natarajan after hearing customer complaints about back aches, introduced fully reclinable push back seats for the first time in south Indian bus industry. Not stopping here, KPN travels were one of the first widespread users of air suspended buses in all of India.

KPN travels had worked tirelessly with various bus manufactures to bring about an air suspension technology that would be suitable of Indian driving conditions. To market this to customers KP Natarajan coined the term “airbus” to signify air suspend coaches which have since become the industry norm. The widespread introduction of rear engine Volvo luxury buses in the early 2000s was done by KPN travels. Today, ticketing agents such as Redbus, MakeMyTrip and so on have become widely utilized by passengers, although KPN Travels was the first bus transport company in India to implement online ticketing in 2005, much before the arrival of aggregators. KPN Travels has gone to become the launch customer for luxury brands such as Scania and Mercedes Benz.

None of this progression is possible without our passengers and staff. At peak capacity KPN travels can transport up to 12,000 passengers a day with 260 plus buses across our areas of operations. With upwards of 400 drivers and thousands additionally directly and indirectly employed, thus KPN Travels is certainly a mammoth bus company. KPN Speed parcel service operates in the same operational area as KPN Travels and has 300 plus branches. And 250 branches in Tamilnadu alone, the company has a 12,000 ton per day transport capacity and handles upwards of 13,000 packages a day. More stunningly 85% of all packages are delivered with 24 hrs of booking. K.P.N. Speed Parcel Service too has hundreds of employees. Given KPN’s significance passengers and customers depend on KPN’s reliability, speed and excellence.