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Terms and Conditions for Carriage of Goods

  • Nature, content, conditions and value of the consignments are unknown to the K.P.N. Speed Parcel Service Private Limited, Salem (Herein after called the company). All consignments accepted by the company for dispatch through the vehicle are carried entirely at owner's risk.

  • The Company is not responsible for the internal damages to the contents of packages or damages to unpacked goods or damages to perishable articles by deterioration or damages to brittle article.

  • The company is/not responsible for the contents of packages if the packages are delivered in the same apparent condition in which they are tendered for dispatch by the consignor.

  • All "Paid & To pay” goods which are not taken delivery from the destination station within days from the date of arrival are subject to Freight amount at the following rate:

    • From: 11 days to 20 days - 20% Extra
    • 21 days to 30 days - 30% Extra
    • Beyond 30 days 100% Extra + Other Charges.
    • The minimum demurrage is fixed at Rs. 10 per Parcel

  • Timing, Departures of Parcel and Arrivals are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice. However the parcel will be delivered within reasonable time at the delivery place.

  • The consigner is liable for all consequence arising out of incorrect declaration of the contents of the consignments. If such a wrong declaration is made then the consigner shall be responsible to compensate the company for all the damages and expenses caused by such wrong declaration.

  • Dangerous and inflammable goods will not be carried.

  • The Company reserves the rights to accept goods for dispatch without assigning any reasons.

  • The consignor is responsible to provide the Forms, Documents, declaration etc., required under law for check by Government Authorities at Check Posts and other places and the Company is not responsible in the event of the goods being detained or seized or confiscated by such appropriate Government Authorities for any deficiencies in the said documents or for any other reasons. The Company will be at liberty to detain the goods at the risk of the consignor/consignee unless and until the loss suffered by the Company in this respect is made good.

  • It is the duty of the consignor to obtain and furnish at the time of booking itself the requisite premises In the case of such commodities Liable for excise duty. The Company shall not be responsible for any detention or seizure of confiscation of such commodes by any excise/sales tax or any other holly on suspicion or otherwise.

  • The consignment will be re-booked to the STORAGE DEPOT without any further Intimation, if the delivery thereof is not taken by the consignee at the destination within 20 days in the case of “TO PAY” parcel and 30 days in the case of “PAID” parcel from the date of receipt. The consignor consignee shall take delivery of consignment by surrendering the original LR after paying all charges including the incidental expenses and the rebooking freight and demurrage due on the consignment.

  • No suit shall be filed against the Company in respect of any consignment without a claim made in writing on that behalf and preferred within 15 days (1) from the date of booking (2) from the date of arrival at destination (3) public auction whichever is later.

  • Booked goods will be delivered only against production of original LR by the consignee.

  • In case of any dispute between the parties and the Carrier regarding any Claim that may arise in respect of the consignment entrusted to the Carrier for transport, the Court at SALEM alone shall have jurisdiction.Booking of Items such as cash, share certificates, gold jewellery, Cheques, Demand Drafts, Mobile/ Cell Phones and banned Items, are not acceptable to the Company and the Company is not responsible for any compensation for the loss of the above items.

  • The claim liability of the company is restricted to ten times the amount of freight charges of the LR or the company's assessed value for the goods whichever is lower, provided the claim is received by the company within 90 days of booking the goods.

  • It is the responsibility of the CONSIGNOR to inform the CONSIGNEE about the booking of the parcels by sending original LR to the consignee to enable them to make delivery of the goods.

  • Loading and unloading charges will be levied either at the parcel booking place or parcel delivery office for paid / to pay parcels as the case maybe.

  • All other terms and conditions are subject to change at any time at the discretion of our company without any notice to the consigner/consignee

  • Luggage Reliability limited to Rs. 100/-